The Polar Vortex Arrives

Its brisk this morning and its forecast to stay cool for a few days. No sap today but the Kettle Boys and Shanty Men kept some in reserve so they will be boiling.  We also have our fire pit going so there will be places to warm up after a short hike through the woods.

We made a good quantity of amber syrup yesterday. We can finally fill our back orders with some to spare. The camp is already open and the fire is on we are ready for business as usual.

There was a report from one of our visitors that they saw an owl in our sugar bush which from the description may be a long eared owl. They did nest in the woods one year. The pileated woodpecker continues to drill new holes in our very spectacular dead maple snag. We call it our totem pole tree due the sculpting by the woodpecker.

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