Another Taste of Spring

When the sun finally broke through the clouds at noon today the sap began to run and filled our main storage tank. We now have enough to boil and with another run tomorrow will make our first syrup of the season.

We were able to turn on our Clayton bush after fixing several leaks in the vacuum line. We were also checking for leaks in our home bush and discovered one section of the bush with many small woodpecker holes in the pipes and tubing. The woodpeckers seem to find something inside the pipe that suites their taste buds. This happens in the off season and is not noticed until we turn on the vacuum.Other producers have reported the same damage from time to time. Not many squirrel chews this year but one section with a bear bite. All these leaks must be repaired if we want to maintain a vacuum on the system to help the sap flow.

Winter returns later in the week and may not warm up again until mid March. So it isn’t quite spring yet. We have yet to decide when to open the camp for visitors.

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