Winter Returns

We have been very busy the last two days making syrup. The sap ran steadily all day Tuesday, Tuesday night and Wednesday and we made over a 1000 litres of golden and amber syrup or as previously named extra light and light syrup. We may have another run of sap next week so the season is off to a good start.

It will be too cold this weekend for the Kettle Boys and Shanty Men. However, the  camp will be open from 10 am to 4 pm Saturday and Sunday for pickup of fresh early run syrup, maple butter and other products. The trails are  deep in snow and snowshoes are necessary for a hike in the woods. Taffy on the snow will be available as usual at the camp.

We have 7, 000 taps in total in our two sugar bushes. It requires 30 miles of tubing and 6 miles of piping to connect all trees. The tubes and lines require a lot of maintenance, as the system needs to be leak tight. Pipelines save a great deal of labour and wear and tear on the trails compared to a traditional bucket system but are not without their set of problems After several days of intensive effort our system is in good shape and the woodpeckers seems to have given up attacking our pipelines or moved to other locations.

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