New Maple Syrup Grading System

This year will mark the use of a new grading system for maple syrup.  After more than 10 years of negotiation the grades for maple syrup are now standardized in Canada and the United States. Gone will be the familiar Extra Light, Light, Medium and Amber as used in Ontario. In their place are new names with flavour descriptors to help consumers choose between the different syrups. There are some minor differences from the old to the new rankings based on light transmission but on a simplified basis, Extra Light becomes Golden with a Delicate Taste, Light becomes Amber with a RichTaste., Medium becomes Dark with a Robust Taste and Amber becomes Very Dark with a Strong Taste. There may be some confusion until we all, including the syrup makers, become familiar with these new names. We will accept orders under either name and make sure you obtain the syrup of your preference. No matter what the name, maple syrup is still that delicious product for pancakes and cooking.


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