Spring Weekend in the Forecast

Depending on which weather forecast one believes, we could have sunny breaks,some rain,some snow showers but warmer temperatures. So its typical spring weather and the sap should run a bit. All our activities will be in full swing regardless of the weather. The Kettle Boys are setting up on Friday so they will be ready to go early Saturday morning.
We made syrup for the third time this season on Tuesday of this week, but it is now frozen up again. We don’t recall a season when we have had such large changes in temperature for such a prolonged spell.It is a challenge to keep everything working at 20 below.It looks as if the trend will change next week with sustained periods warmer weather.The quantity and to some extent the quality of maple syrup we produce is very dependent on the weather.So maple syrup producers, this one in particular, are almost continually in touch with the Weather Channel.

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