Camp Schedule

The camp is now closed during the week except by appointment Call 613 256 5216 or email to arrange a pickup time for syrup orders. The camp will be open this weekend April 22 and April 23 from 10am t0 5pm. Also, we are frequently working at the camp doing cleanup so there is a chance to find us there if you are driving in this area.
A number of birds have returned to the farm. The red shouldered hawk and bluebirds are back. Both birds are elusive until actually sitting on their nest. Song sparrows, chipping sparrows and a winter wren have all been heard singing along the fence rows. The hepaticas, the first spring wild flower, have not yet appeared.The spring peepers are singing in our ponds and tree ducks have been checking our nesting boxes.
We are busy pulling spiles and backwashing the pipelines. The pipelines stay up year round but they must washed and sanitized for in situ storage. It takes at least a week with two and sometimes three people working to cover our 7000 taps.Then we can take a much needed break.

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