Winter Weather Returns.

Like last year it seems we will have two seasons this year. An early season in February and a late season after March 15, the more traditional start date in this area. The weather turned cold on Sunday and may remain cold or cool for at least a week. It gives us a chance to rest and get ready for the next run.  We have made about 25% of our usual production so it was well worthwhile tapping early.

So far the syrup has been light Amber in colour with an excellent flavour. The next run will probably turn darker particularly if the temperature rises about 5 degrees celsius.  There is a surprising amount of snow in  the sugar bush which will help to prolong the season even if it turns very warm.

Later in the week we will confirm our weekend activities. We will of course be open and we hope to have enough sap to supply the Kettle Boys and Shanty Men.


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