Good Maple Syrup Weather

Today with the bright sunshine and warmer temperature the sap started to run about 11.00am. Late this afternoon the atmospheric pressure began to drop and the sap flow increased and it will continue to run until it freezes tonight about 9.00pm. This is  typical syrup making weather so we are looking forward to a productive week.  Rain is in the forecast for Tuesday night which is also good news as the atmospheric pressure with drop even lower and some extra moisture will help thaw the roots which will release more sap.

Today we heard the red shouldered hawk so they have arrived again right on schedule. We are very pleased to have this very useful bird nesting in our woods. So far no robins or bluebirds but they have been sighted  in the area and we may have missed them.

Its a bit early to confirm our plans for the weekend but at the moment we expect all our facilities will be in operation.We will be open all Easter weekend from 10:00 to 5:00 daily.

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