The Sap Keeps Running

The rainy weather and the lower atmospheric pressure has helped keep the sap running for two days. Last night the sap ran slowly but steadily and our tanks were full this morning.It will take a night of frost to reset the trees for a big sap run.The season has been going for five weeks and it looks like another two weeks based on the long range weather forecast. So far the syrup has all been light in colour. We need some warmer weather for the darker syrup.

Between sap runs we have taken some time to measure our biggest trees. Our largest tree is a white pine 108 feet tall (33 m) and 43 inches (110 cm) in diameter. This is a big tree and comparable to trees found in old growth areas of Algonquin Park. However, it is a dwarf compared to the original forest with white pines 150 feet tall (45 m) and 67 inches (170 cm) in diameter.The twin pines along our walking trail are 105 feet tall (32 m) and 38 nches (98 cm) in diameter. Our largest maple is 93 feet tall (28 m) and 42  inches (107 cm) in diameter. We are very fortunate to have these large trees and we are doing our best to preserve them. Without doing a bore hole measurement we estimate these trees to be 300 years old which takes us back to the 1700 hundreds. We wish these trees could talk and share with us all the events that have taken place in and around our farm.

We are getting ready for Easter Weekend. The Kettle Boys and Shanty Men will be operating as usual and looking forward to sharing their stories with you. The trails are still snowy and good boots are needed for a hike in the woods.There is still snow available for taffy on the snow and lots of fresh syrup to taste. We are open from 10:00 to 5:00 daily.



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