A Very Large Sap Run For Easter Weekend

We are still catching up after a very large run of sap on Saturday and more yesterday. Saturday was a perfect sap day with frost the night before and  sunshine all day. At its peak the sap was running at the rate of about 1 litre per hour at each tap hole. So our 7000 taps were producing  about 7000 litres of sap an hour. We can process sap syrup at 4000 litres per hour and can store about 8000 litres so we did not lose any sap but it was a close call. It looks like the season will continue for two weeks based on the weather forecast of cold weather and possible snow on Friday.

Next weekend is Maple Weekend and we are hoping the weather warms up a bit. We will of course be open as usual from 10 to 5 daily.

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