Maple Weekend

It looks like a sunny but cool Maple Weekend. The Kettle Boys will be operating as usual and the Shanty Men will also operate if there is enough sap. It is unlikely we will be boiling on the big evaporator

Because of the continuing cold weather we still have lots of snow for taffy on the snow. We have several batches of syrup from light to dark for a tasting opportunity as well as  an array of other maple products. Some parts of our trails are still snow covered but there is no problem going a walk  in the sugar bush.  On Saturday and Sunday, weather permitting, we will have a treasure hunt for small children. On Sunday, once again weather permitting, a local farmer will bring some small lambs for a petting opportunity. We will have a warm up fire at our picnic tables for anyone wishing to bring their lunch.

Maple Weekend is an opportunity for visiting more than one sugar bush. Look for the road side signs which  identify those operators open for visitors or refer to the Maple Weekend web site for directions.

maple wee

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