A Bright Spot Amid the Snow and Rain

We were very pleased to see the bluebirds checking out their nesting box yesterday. It’s always a pleasure to see these beautiful birds and watch them as they go about raising a new family. Sometimes we get to see the fledglings take their first flight. We know the maple season is near the end when these birds appear. The next sign that the season is over is when the frogs begin to sing.

There will be no frogs singing today. We have about 4 cm of fresh snow and freezing rain in the forecast for this evening and tomorrow. We expect one more run of sap when warmer weather returns on Tuesday or Wednesday. So far no Very Dark syrup which some people  prefer It may come this week.

In spite of the winter like weather we had several visitors at the sugar bush yesterday including some overseas people making their first trip to a sugar bush. We will be open again today as usual.


One thought on “A Bright Spot Amid the Snow and Rain

  1. Our friends from Inuvit had their first visit to a sugar bush at Fortune Farm last weekend. They loved all aspects of your operation and went home with several maple products.


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