Looking Forward to the Weekend

Spring may actually arrive this weekend and we are looking forward to a big run of sap as the trees in our cold gullies finally thaw out. The hillsides are free of snow and the trees there may start to bud as soon as the temperature rises next week as forecast. This will bring a quick end to the season as “buddy” syrup has a very unpleasant taste. In the meantime the sap keeps running and there was a significant run from 5 pm yesterday until the temperature dropped to zero around 2 am. Our tanks were more than half full this morning.

It should be a good weekend to visit a sugar bush. Lots of syrup and maple products are now available at the camps and birdlife on the trails is picking up as the migrants return.There is still snow available for taffy on the snow for that special taste of spring.

We will be open as usual from 10 to 5 daily on the weekend.


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