The Season is Over

The sap stopped running yesterday  so we are shutting down. We had a very good season. It lasted eight weeks which may be a record for this area.

The next step is washing up which will take a week or two. The lines need to be flushed with water then the spiles will be pulled, isopropyl alcohol injected in the tubes and the system sealed until next spring. The alcohol sterilizes the tubes and it is flushed out  with the first run of sap. We also need to wash all the tanks, rinse the reverse osmosis system and clean the evaporator.

Our camp will be open this week and next weekend. After that we may only be open by appointment or by chance when we are working at the camp.


One thought on “The Season is Over

  1. Thanks for this newsletter. It made the season much more exciting for me. See you next season as I add Fortune Farms to my Tours by Locals schedule. John Irvin


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