Tapping is done and now we,re waiting for spring

Tapping this year was more challenging than usual The deep soft snow for the first two days was very challenging and then lots of buried lines needed to be dug out. On one line a large tree had blown over before the snow came and almost 200 yards of pipeline (180 meters) was on the ground and had to be restrung. The leaks we have missed will show up  with the first run of sap 

The weather may finally warm up  on Thursday, March 14  and Friday, March 15 and we can finally open the camp. The Kettle Boys and Shanty Men also hope to open on Saturday and Sunday 22nd and 23rd but once again this depends on the weather.There will be an update in this blog each day on our progress. 

2 thoughts on “Tapping is done and now we,re waiting for spring

  1. Whoever writes the blog does a great job to keep us Fortune supporters up to date and gives us an idea
    of all the work to get ready for Spring.
    We enjoy our syrup through the winter and look forward to visiting for more again soon!
    Corinne & John.


    • Thanks for your comment I’m the writer with some help from the family. People seem to be interested in our problems as well as our successes Hope to m,set you at the camp later this year. Ray Fortune


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