Still in the Start-up Phase

Another day with only a dribble of sap. We’re hoping that things warm up tomorrow to stimulate the first real run of sap.

We’ve spent the last two days turning on all the pumps in the four pump houses for a total of six sap pumps and two large vacuum pumps. Typical problems occurred with blown fuses and one circuit breaker not working. Everything is now on and ready to go. We also filled the evaporator with water and successfully tested its operation. Still to go for tomorrow is the annual assembly of the reverse osmosis machine.

In the camp we have made fresh batches of maple butter,maple candy and maple mustard. We now need some fresh syrup to stock our counters.

In spite of the cool weather some visitors came by to check on our progress and to enjoy some taffy on the snow. They seemed to be as anxious as we are for the season to start.

We’ll be open tomorrow from 10.00 to 4.00

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