That Sunshine is Like a Spring Tonic

Two beautiful bright days of sunshine helps to revive one’s spirits after such a long winter. A bit cool for good sap weather but enough ran on Monday to boil. Not so much today but we Looking forward to the remainder of the week with warmer weather.

No new birds to report but the crows are very active and are probably staking out their nesting sites. The snow is slowly sinking and compacting but there is still very about two feet in the sugar bush. The jet stream still has not moved north but some warm air has managed to come our way from western Canada.

There are not as many visitors midweek and we are not so busy so it’s a good time to come for a walk around and visit with the staff. Two of our granddaughters, Melanie and Sarah, are here this week along with great grandson Gus. We expect granddaughter Laura and great grandson Harvey here this weekend. It’s great to have so many family here at this time of year.

A good supply of rich flavour light amber and darker amber syrup is available along with other maple products.

We are open 10 t0 5 daily.

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