Sap Bursting From the Trees

As predicted in my last blog when the sun came out today and it warmed up above freezing the sap burst from the trees. Another big sap run expected tomorrow so it’s turning out to be another bumper crop.We now have dark syrup and are busy filling our orders.

With yesterdays fresh snow on top of the crust animal tracks were very visible. Along with the usual deer and turkey tracks,fisher tracks were also visible. We also see bear tracks from time to time but none so far this year. There is nothing for them to eat until the fresh grass appears.One year a bear found our outdoor garbage bag and then tried to break into the camp for a taste of maple syrup. His or her paw prints were eight feet high on our back door.

A nice day in the forecast for Thursday, so a good opportunity to visit the sugar bush and see the sap gushing into our holding tanks.

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