A Busy Two Days

Finally, I am getting a chance to catch up on the blog. The sap has run continuously since Thursday morning and is still running this evening but at a reduced flow rate. Our storage tanks were full this morning with about 6000 gallons of sap. It also ran very hard on Wednesday so we have had long hours of boiling this week. There is still sap in our tanks so we will be boiling again tomorrow. With the warm weather and no significant frost in the forecast the sap may stop flowing and the season could be winding down. The snow in the sugar bush has disappeared on the some hillsides but is still about a foot deep in most areas. The trees will not begin to bud until the snow is gone and the roots warm up. When the tree comes to life again, the sap, if any, that runs no longer makes good syrup. It has what we call a buddy taste which is unpleasant.

We have been restocking our shelves this week with maple products ready for the weekend. We do not have Very Dark syrup but we have all the other grades available. Maple tarts and maple fudge are favourites and will be available.

The Kettle Boys and Shanty Men started operating today and will be ready to go again in the morning. The forecast is for warm sunny weather so it should be an enjoyable weekend at the sugar bush. We will be open as usual from 10 to 5.

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