Busy Weekend

Once again I am catching up on the blog after a busy weekend. The sap continued to run slowly but steadily all weekend and it ran again last night. The atmospheric pressure dropped to a very low level during the rain storm last night and is continuing to stay low today. The low pressure along with our vacuum system is stimulating the sap flow. We are very pleased to obtain this sap as we are now making Very Dark syrup with the strong flavour preferred by some people and which is also good for cooking.

We think the season is winding down due to the warm weather. But this year it is so unpredictable we may get another run of sap after a cool night or if the atmospheric pressure stays at a low level.In any case the Kettle Boys and Shanty Men are finished for this season. The trails are almost clear of snow except in our big gully which is still snowy and partly flooded. We expect this trail to be clear by the weekend.

With the production of Very Dark syrup yesterday, we now have all the grades of syrup available and we are busy putting all our orders together.If you are wondering about your order phone or email for an update. We are also phoning or emailing as we have time. Best for pickup midweek if that is convenient for you. As usual we are open 10 to 5.

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