A Good Sap Day

In spite of the rather dull and chilly day the sap ran well. We processed about 5000  gallons of sap and made a nice batch of light to golden syrup. The sap sweetness picked up to 2.8% which improved the ratio of sap to syrup from 40 to 1 yesterday to  30 to 1 today. The weather is expected to turn cold through Saturday so we do not expect much fresh sap until Sunday.

Our camp will be open this weekend  from 10 am  to 5 pm each day and the Shanty Men plan to keep some sap so they will be operating for show and tell. The Kettle Boys will not be here until next weekend. We will have taffy on the snow and fresh syrup to taste. The trails are snowy but should  be frozen on Saturday and good for walking.

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