Surprising Sap Run

Every year we are surprised when the sap runs. Today, in spite of snow flurries and cool weather, the sap is running well. We are not complaining just surprised.

Yesterday I posted that we were making Golden and Light syrup. I should have said Light Amber. Even syrup makers stumble a bit between the old and new grading systems. Light Amber is more or less equivalent to the old classification of Light. Dark Amber is equivalent to Medium on the old system. We sort out Amber syrup into these two categories as we find the Amber classification covers too wide a spectrum.

Spring is definitely in the air. The birds seem to be more active at the feeder and a chickadee was singing its spring song, fee-bee,for the first time today. The maple trees seem very eager to produce sap so they too are getting ready for a new growing season.

We will be open tomorrow and Sunday at 10 am to provide a taste of fresh made maple syrup.

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