A Busy Week

It was nice to have a break on Wednesday with no sap due to the cold weather. It gave us a chance to empty our sap holding tanks and evaporator,  do a bit of cleaning and make some  minor repairs. The sap started running again today about noon  and will probably run all night as there is no frost in the forecast. The syrup this week has been mostly Dark Amber corresponding to the old grade of Medium. So we now have Golden, Light Amber, Dark Amber  as well as a small quantity of Dark from last year’s production available for sale.Tomorrow we will be setting aside syrup to fill back orders and for Golden and Amber syrup.

This weekend the Kettle Boys and Shanty Men will be operating and welcoming visitors with stories and toys and taste of fresh syrup. We will be taking special precautions because of the  virus and since it is an open area environment the risk of infection is minimal.

As usual we are open from 10 t0 5 daily.

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