The Sap Keeps On Running


Due to the warm days and cool nights  the sap is continuing to flow. The snow in the sugar bush is  melting very slowly which will prolong the season. We are now making dark  amber syrup with a good rich flavour.. There is  warmer weather in the forecast for Friday so we may make some dark syrup..

We are open for order pickup at the camp. We are following the guidelines for grocery stores as we consider maple syrup a necessary food staple. We may close the sales room and deliver syrup orders outside the building. That way we can maintain reasonable social distance.The trails are open for walking but we are curtailing our show and tell activities.

So far the virus has as yet not been detected in many people in the Ottawa area.So it’s a good idea to pick your syrup if you can before things get worse. We are open daily 10 to 5.

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