The Hawks Return

Each spring as long as we can remember a pair of red shouldered hawks has nested in our sugar bush. Each year they return in March usually around the 22nd. They were heard calling with their distlnfive shriek, something like a blue jay, on Tuesday this week. So they are back again but earlier than usual. One year we saw them doing their courtship flight and we usually find their nest high in a maple tree decorated with a bit of greenery. They prefer an old growth hardwood forest so a sugar bush is an ideal nesting location. They will be here until late fall and hopefully will have a successful nesting season.

The sap ran again today and as there was no sun and it was on the cool side the sap was crystal clear.  Once agin we made Golden syrup. We may make Dark or Very dark syrup after the forecast warm weather on Friday but more likely later next week.

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