Season Winding Down

Although some sap was collected today the volume was much reduced from earlier in the season . The Monday night through Tuesday big run was a fitting end to what has been a bumper season. Very warm weather is forecast for the rest of the week which will melt the remaining patches of snow and may stimulate the tree buds to swell. At this point the sap begins to change and the syrup made from this sap has an unpleasant taste known in the industry as “buddy syrup”. Sometimes a late snowstorm and cold weather will reset the trees and  one last run of good sap is collected. About 40 years ago a local syrup producer and farmer recalled how one year early April was warm and dry and they were so busy planting crops that they did not remove their buckets. A snowstorm occurred and they were surprised to collect the biggest run of sap all season. Other local producers had collected their buckets and missed this windfall. He was still chuckling when he told me this story. We have not, over the years, experienced anything that dramatic.

Today’s syrup was Very Dark with the characteristic Strong flavour and we have enough to fill our back orders. There may be more this week  which will give us a small reserve .We stop producing at the first hint of “buddy syrup”.And then the washing up begins.

We are still open for pick up outside the camp.


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