Washing the Lines Finally Complete

In spite of cold and rainy weather we have finished washing all the lines and the bush is buttoned up until next spring. There is always the job of regular maintenance and the risk of serious damage from a high winds or an ice storm.So we are never idle.

I mentioned that the wild flowers are starting to appear in the woods.They haven’t progressed very far  since last week.The picture is of the blossom on a leatherwood bush.They are not very large about 1/2 an inch or so and last only a day or two. The picture was taken by Jim Robertson  a family friend from Ottawa and very accomplished photographer. He had to time his visit just right to get this exquisite shot. Leatherwood is a small bush that grows under the closed canopy of a mature maple woodlot. It prefers a moist, protected site and may grow to seven feet in height.

Our camp is open daily from 12 to 1 for syrup pick up. Best to phone the camp at 613 256 5216 to check before making the trip.

Leatherwood blossom

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