A Big Run of Sap

  Since Friday of last week and over the weekend the weather was ideal for sap flow and we boiled steadily to keep up. Sap flow is continuing this week, but not as hard, and may continue through this weekend as there is still some snow in the sugar bush and frost in the ground.

As soon as the frost is out and the ice in the ponds melts the frogs will come out of hibernation and strike up their springtime chorus. The sound of frogs singing is a sure sign that the maple season is over and its time to start the cleanup operation. 

Lots of visitors took advantage of the nice weather, particularly on Saturday, to visit the sugar bush.

Sometimes we are surprised by the questions asked by our visitors. On one occasion my wife Ruth was in the front yard in summer time and a car with two ladies drove in to talk to Ruth. They said “We are from California and we are looking for a sugar bush and we have not found one. Can you help us?” They had come to the area specifically to see a sugar bush which they had read about. Ruth explained that they were standing under a very large maple tree. Turns out that the couple were looking for a small bush and were amazed to find that bush is another word in Canada for a woodlot and a maple bush is really a maple woodlot.  Needless to say they were a bit embarrassed. Everyone had a good laugh.

  There is still time for a visit to the sugar bush as the Kettle Boys will be here one more weekend. We have lots of Golden, Amber and Dark syrup available as well as other maple products.

The Happy Crew at Fortune Farms

2 thoughts on “A Big Run of Sap

  1. Hi Grandad,

    I enjoyed reading this post! I like the story about the tourists looking for a maple ‘bush’ and the picture of the happy workers.

    I hope you’re doing well.

    Love, Sarah

    P.S. I haven’t solved the worldle yet today…I’m stuck after 2 guesses. I’m sure another guess will come to me soon.


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