The 2022 Maple Season Ends

Yesterday was the last boil of the 2022 maple season. The sap was still running a bit but the syrup turned “buddy” in flavour. This means that the buds are starting to swell and the maple trees are are coming out of winter dormancy.

It has turned out to be a very good season and in fact our best year to date in terms of quantity and quality. We now have all grades in stock and a good supply in inventory to carry us through until next season. The season lasted four weeks with almost continuous production. The weather has been very favourable as we have missed the big storms in other regions.

The next job is the clean up, which means pulling the taps and back flushing all the lines. All the lines including the tubing to each tree and the connector lines are then sealed until next year. It will take us a week or so to complete the operation.

All our back orders are now filled and are waiting for pickup. The camp will be open over the Easter weekend through Monday. Call ahead to 613 256 5216 if you wish to confirm or change your order.

Thanks to everyone for another successful year at Fortune Farms.

One thought on “The 2022 Maple Season Ends

  1. Over the past few years, Fortune Farms’ newsletter “The Sugarbush Season” has become one of my favourites reads. It provides a lifeline to the town-dweller that connects to the rhythms of the land as it shakes off the frozen sleep of winter and awakens to the renewal of spring. The graphic detail about the natural world in the woods and sugarbush operations encourage us to emerge from our own hibernation and reminds us of how precious life is.


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