The Ice Storm and Fortune Farms

As I began writing this on Wednesday evening, our power was off and the sound of breaking trees could be heard all around us. I wrote: “Hopefully, the forecast is correct and the temperatures will rise overnight and the ice will melt from the trees.  Our next wish is that our hydro crews are able to work safely and restore our power in the morning as predicted.  We need electricity to run of our equipment, for sap collection to syrup production. “

When the sun came up on Thursday morning, we found a heavy coating of ice on the trees. There were many broken stems and limbs from white pine and some damage to the maples and beech.  Thankfully, the ice did not accumulate as much on the slender hardwood branches.  Unfortunately, there was no electricity.

Eric, Jeff, and I went to work on the trees and branches and we cleared dozens of lines and have the farms back in shape so we can gather sap again once the hydro comes back on (hopefully soon!)  This was hard work and we are fortunate to have skilled workers to help us in the bush.  A big thank you to Eric and Jeff!

Open for the Easter Weekend

Looking ahead to the long weekend, the weather looks very good for people to visit the farm.  We are open daily from 10 to 4.   

This will be the last weekend for the Kettle Boys and Shantymen so plan a visit if you would like to see them. 

There is still plenty of snow in the forest and the additional rainfall means waterproof footwear is a must!  The hiking trails are soft and difficult to navigate so we recommend snowshoes if you would like to travel any distance beyond the demonstration area in the woods.

A photo of Ray and Ruth Fortune standing outside of the main building at Fortune Farms with a group of friends.
Ray and Ruth (centre) visiting with friends at Fortune Farms.
A picture of broken trees at Fortune Farms following the early April 2023 ice storm.
This is typical damage from the ice storm. The tree stem broke at a weak area due to ice build up. Whenever a tree falls in the forest, it always lands on a pipeline!

Our syrup supply

We have an ample supply of golden and amber syrup as well maple taffy and our regular products. Syrup quality is excellent this year and we have experienced strong runs of sap this week.

We expect to be making the dark grades of syrup next week if temperatures rise as predicted.  We can fill all our orders once we have all grades of syrup and will contact you when your order is ready.

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