The Kettle Boys

The Kettle Boys at Fortune FarmsA visit to Fortune Farms is not complete without a trip up the trail to see the Kettle Boys. This team of four interesting characters make maple syrup in the traditional pioneer method using iron kettles over open fires. To amuse themselves and visitors while they are waiting for the sap to slowly boil to syrup they have a variety of toys and games. They are only too pleased to share their activities with visitors, especially children.

Maple syrup made in kettles is usually dark in colour with a stronger flavour than that made in evaporators due to the caramelizing that occurs on the sides of the kettles. Make sure you get a taste to compare with the syrup from the sugar shanty and the large evaporator. This syrup is not for sale as it does not meet all the current criteria for commercial maple syrup. Besides, the Kettle Boys take home all they can make.

Listen to the Kettle Boys, because it’s hard to get a word in edgewise. The tall tales and history of making maple syrup come alive with Shorty, Tubby, Curly and Slim. You might even get a taste of old time maple syrup and a taste of the best maple fudge in the world. Of course exaggeration is always at its best and hugs are plentiful.