Sugar Moon Very Bright

If you were outside last night the light from the sugar moon was exceeding bright. Evidently the moon is closer than usual to the earth. With no clouds the temperature dropped below freezing and the sap stopped running. However we collected enough sap today to produce another small batch of syrup. With snow and rain in the forecast food Friday we may not collect much more sap until Saturday which is now expected to be sunny and above freezing. Both Saturday and Sunday now look like good days to visit the sugar bush.

The jet stream still has a bulge to the South and we continue to be subjected to near winter conditions.There is some indication that the jet stream is moving further north. Lets hope so as I think we all have had enough of winter.

Our camp will be open on the weekend and during the week as well.

First Day of Spring

A beautiful sunny warm day and the sap began to run late morning and is still running this evening. If there is no frost the sap may run all night, particularly if the atmospheric pressure drops a bit.The sugar content in the sap has increased to 2.6% which makes a big difference in our rate of syrup production. So I think we can say the season has finally started.

The Kettle Boys will be setting up tomorrow getting ready to operate their kettles this weekend. The Shanty Men have already boiled a bit and will also be operating this weekend.Saturday ay be a bit cool but Sunday looks like a perfect day for a visit to the sugar bush.

Sunny but cool

Another day with only a small quantity of sap.

We continue to work in the woods doing pipeline maintenance. We are checking our trees for egg masses of the forest tent caterpillar. We have been infested for three years and have been keeping them under control by using an organic spray that only affects caterpillars. We collected one egg mass and set in a warm place to hatch. About 200 caterpillars appeared so it only takes 4 or 5 egg masses on a small tree to produce enough caterpillars to completely denude the foliage. Trees can withstand two to three years or of heavy defoliation but it weakens the tree and lowers the sugar content in the sap.We will have to spray some parts of our sugar bush for another year. Just to reiterate this organic spray does not affect honey bees or other insects.

The picture shows what an egg mass looks like with some of the recently hatched caterpillars. They  actually grow quickly to more than an inch in length and are voracious feeders.

Warm weather in  the forecast for tomorrow so we are hoping for a large sap flow.



Another no Sap Day

The cold weather has returned due to a large bulge in the jet stream south of Canada. This cool weather will continue until the jet stream resumes it normal path over the Great Lakes. This may occur later this week and It looks very promising for good sap flow starting on Wednesday.

You may have noticed the bright moonlight last night. The full moon is on Wednesday this week. This cycle of the moon is known as the sugar moon and is usually the time of the best maple syrup weather. Year after year this seems to hold true regardless of when the full moon occurs so there must be some truth in this old folk tale.We hope so.

Nice and sunny but cool today. We will be open as usual at 10:00 am this morning.

Cool but Sunny : A no Sap Day

About 3 cm of snow fell last night and with the bright sunshine everything is sparkling this morning. We have scraped the snow away and will be open as usual today. We now have fresh amber syrup available for sale.

The sap ran a bit yesterday as the temperature rose to 4 degrees,somewhat higher than forecast. The sugar content in the sap is less than 2% which is lower than our normal at 2.5% to 3.00%. So far only the sap and sugar stored in the tree trunk is available as the roots are still frozen. We compensate by increasing the processing time in the reverse osmosis machine to boost the sugar content to 12%. The weak sap and longer processing tends to produce amber syrup rather than golden at the start of the season.

We have a small quantity of sap to boil today. The trails are open but very snowy. Taffy on the snow will be available for visitors. We are open from 10:am to 5:pm.

First Syrup of the Season

We had enough sap to produce a small quantity of syrup. The taste of the fresh syrup is something we look forward to each year and it was particularly good at breakfast this morning. However, its cold again this morning and we don’t expect any more sap until Tuesday at the earliest.

We are now open for the day until 5:00 pm. The Shanty Men will be boiling today but the Kettle boys will not be here until next weekend. We have taffy on the snow and fresh syrup to taste but the trails are only passable with snowshoes.

Good News; The Sap is Running

Finally the temperature rose to 7 degrees C overnight and the sap kept running. We will have enough sap for the first boiling this season. Hopefully this is a sign of a change to more seasonal weather.

Another sign of spring is the return of the crows to our sugar bush. We expect the red shouldered hawk will also arrive shortly.

Some visitors to the camp really enjoyed their taffy on the snow being served by Emma Boysen. The camp is now open until 4:00 pm today.


Still in the Start-up Phase

Another day with only a dribble of sap. We’re hoping that things warm up tomorrow to stimulate the first real run of sap.

We’ve spent the last two days turning on all the pumps in the four pump houses for a total of six sap pumps and two large vacuum pumps. Typical problems occurred with blown fuses and one circuit breaker not working. Everything is now on and ready to go. We also filled the evaporator with water and successfully tested its operation. Still to go for tomorrow is the annual assembly of the reverse osmosis machine.

In the camp we have made fresh batches of maple butter,maple candy and maple mustard. We now need some fresh syrup to stock our counters.

In spite of the cool weather some visitors came by to check on our progress and to enjoy some taffy on the snow. They seemed to be as anxious as we are for the season to start.

We’ll be open tomorrow from 10.00 to 4.00

Good News; We Plan to Open for the 2019 Season

The sun broke through for a brief spell  today and the temperature rose enough to stimulate a bit of sap flow. Not enough to collect but it shows the trees are ready to run. It now looks like favourable sap weather on Thursday Mar 14 and Friday Mar 15 and maybe Saturday as well.

We will officially open for visitors on Wednesday, March 13. The trails are snowy but okay on snowshoes and would be good exercise for the kids during March break. We will serve taffy on snow and we have fresh maple candy for sale. There may also be fresh syrup to taste. If there is enough sap the Shanty Men now plan to open a week early on Saturday, March16. Our hours this week will be 10.00am to 4.00pm.