Almonte Sugarbush Activities

Making Maple Syrup

Maple sugar makers at Fortune FarmsDuring the season we boil fresh sap nearly every day to make syrup. We collect the maple sap from our two sugar bushes using about 50 kilometers of pipeline and tubing crisscrossing 80 hectares/200 acres of sugar bush. The sap lines are under a constant vacuum and drawn into 4 pump houses where it is pumped to two major storage tanks.

At the main sugarcamp it is boiled to syrup using an oil-fired evaporator. The fresh syrup is filtered and packed in the containers while it is still hot. Some syrup will be packed in drums and later repacked in smaller containers.

On weekends we operate a small wood-fired evaporator and kettles over open fires just for visitors. You can experience and taste the whole range of maple syrup making from pioneer method, traditional, to modern syrup making.


Remember this taffy, syrup, fudge, candy. Now just repeat this in the car as you drive to Fortune Farms. Just make sure you don’t miss out on one of these great samples. Now repeat it faster taffy, syrup, fudge, candy


Activities include a walk in the sugar bush along an interpretive trail. The trail system explores the various aspects of the sugar bush. You also get an appreciation of how extensive the tubing system for sap collection is. For more details on the trail system visit our Virtual Tour.

Kettle Boys

Listen to the Kettles Boys, because it’s hard to get a word in edgewise. The tall tales and history of making maple syrup come alive with Shorty, Tubby and Slim. You might even get a taste of old time maple syrup and a taste of the best maple fudge in the world. Of course exaggeration is always at its best and hugs are plentiful.


Bring along your lunch and sit down by the fire or lounge at our luxurious picnic tables. After a walk along the trails…we know you will be hungry.

Skiing & Snowshoeing

Cross country skiing and snowshoeing are permitted on the trails during Maple Syrup season. Please check on conditions as spring time can cause some unpredictable melts which may affect the conditions.


We are a dog friendly site. Dogs must be under control at all times.


Take time to snap some pictures. Add your face to the Heritage scene.