The Kettle Boys

The Kettle Boys, the Kettle Boys
Famous now across the land
Shorty and Tubby
Slim, Curly and Tiny
Comprise this merry, jovial band

The Kettle Syrup, the Kettle Syrup
Dark and thick and full of flavour
Oh so sweet
Good to eat
A maple treat for you to savour.

The Kettle Games, the Kettle Games
Waiting for some girls and boys
To pull the strings
Assemble things
And have some fun with all the toys.

The Kettle Hug, the Kettle Hug
Don’t be alarmed if on first meeting
You’re embraced
With arms enlaced
A very special form of greeting.

The Kettle Fudge, the Kettle Fudge
Some people call it maple candy
A bite or two
Good for you
I’m sure you’ll agree it’s just jim-dandy.

The Kette Boys, The Kettle Boys
Making syrup like pioneers
with fire hot
and boiling pot
They really do roll back the years.

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