Syrup Now Available this Weekend

The weatherman was right. The jet stream has moved south bringing us extreme cold weather from the arctic.It looks like another week of cold weather.

We had a brief warm spell this week and were able to make some more syrup. We now have a full range of Golden and Amber syrup, or under the old grading system Extra Light, Light and the top end of  Medium. The new and old grades overlap a bit and you can see the way this works at the camp. The syrup all has an excellent flavour characteristic of its grade. We don’t expect to make any more syrup until after March 17.

Due to the cold weather the Kettle Boys and Shanty Men have delayed their opening until March 18.The camp will be open this Saturday and Sunday. We will have taffy on the snow and the trails will be open.The camp will open daily  starting next week and continue for the duration of the season.

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