A New Record

We have just made our first syrup of the season this afternoon. This is the earliest we have made syrup and it seems that February is now the new normal for the start of the maple season in this area. That’s about three weeks earlier than the traditional start just 20 years ago. Another sign of global warming.The weather looks promising all week so we will be open this weekend. We will have early season Golden or extra light syrup plus maple butter and maple candy for sale. We also expect the Kettle Boys and Shanty Man to be in operation. Still 4 or 5 inches of snow in the bush so the trails will be slushy,

One thought on “A New Record

  1. Glad the new season has started. This means I will be able to get the very dark syrup sooner, I think???
    Hoping and wishing you a very good season. See you soon.
    Ron Locas


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