Winter Returns with a Vengeance

As predicted we will have two seasons again this year, one early season and a second later season when it warms up after this prolonged cold spell. Extreme cold of 20 below causes us lots of problems as all our lines are frozen. To compound the problem a visitor left the door open to one of our remote tank houses and the  pump and tanks there also froze. Our pump houses are heated but not enough to cope with an open door. An observant visitor reported a pump running at a pump house, which was very helpful, as there was an ice blockage which needed to be cleared. Other visitors have reported vacuum leaks on the pipe lines needing our attention. We much appreciate visitors taking a personal interest in our operation.

The weekend weather looks promising which would be very welcome as we have yet to experience a real spring like break in the weather. On Sunday March 25  pancakes and maple syrup are being served   at Union Hall on Wolf Grove Road 2 km east of our farm and a more elaborate maple buffet is available at Temple’s Restaurant at Ferguson Falls 12 km  from our farm. We will of course  have our usual weekend activities under way.

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