No End in Sight to the Season

We are now in our eighth week of making syrup and it looks like it will continue for at least another week. We have made only a small quantity of Dark syrup and as yet no Very Dark syrup. Unless the weather warms up the syrup we make will most likely to be Amber. We cannot control the colour or flavour of syrup as it is dictated by the quality of the sap. With warmer weather some of the glucose sugar in the snap converts to fructose and glucose. The fructose sugar breaks down during boiling to produce caramel and other byproducts which is the main reason for the darker colour and stronger flavoured syrup towards the end of the season.

Still very few migrating birds have put in an appearance. They must be waiting south of the Great Lakes . The red shouldered hawks continue to call, particularly in the morning, and a large flock of crows made a real racket this week  harassing an owl. The chickadees and woodpeckers continue to come to the feeder as food is scarce after such a long winter. Hopefully next week we will see some robins, song sparrows and maybe bluebirds.

The weekend does not look promising with more  cold weather and possibly snow in the forecast. We will be open as usual and who knows the weatherman may be wrong. Lets hope so.

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