Cool but Sunny : A no Sap Day

About 3 cm of snow fell last night and with the bright sunshine everything is sparkling this morning. We have scraped the snow away and will be open as usual today. We now have fresh amber syrup available for sale.

The sap ran a bit yesterday as the temperature rose to 4 degrees,somewhat higher than forecast. The sugar content in the sap is less than 2% which is lower than our normal at 2.5% to 3.00%. So far only the sap and sugar stored in the tree trunk is available as the roots are still frozen. We compensate by increasing the processing time in the reverse osmosis machine to boost the sugar content to 12%. The weak sap and longer processing tends to produce amber syrup rather than golden at the start of the season.

We have a small quantity of sap to boil today. The trails are open but very snowy. Taffy on the snow will be available for visitors. We are open from 10:am to 5:pm.

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