A Pleasant Weekend

After three weekends with not so nice weather we are enjoying a pleasant weekend. The sap continues to run although not so hard today as there was no frost last night.

It’s been very nice to welcome many return visitors to our camp each year. In fact, in our main camp we have a Wall of Honour to recognize long time visitors. This is our 46th year of operation and several people have been coming all the time and are now bringing their great grandchildren.  We try to keep our list up to date with three categories – 10 to 14 years, 15 to 24 years and  25 years and over.If you are not on the list or incorrectly listed we would be only to pleased to add your name or family name to the list.

All our activities are in full operation today. The trails are rather soft but passable with a bit of effort. Thje sun may break through this afternoon so it will be an enjoyable day at the sugar bush.

We are open until 5:pm

One thought on “A Pleasant Weekend

  1. Agnew family – Lynn, Steve & Denver
    10 – 14 years. Category. We’ve been going to Fortune Farms.
    My son Denver is now 15 YO


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