Warm weather on the way

Warm weather is coming this weekend. If there is no frost tonight, we expect the sap to run all night and provide an ample supply for syrup making tomorrow. So far sap runs have been modest but the sweetness is steadily increasing from 1.4% to close to 3%. This makes a big difference to the production of syrup, as the amount of water that needs to be removed from the sap is substantially decreased.

Plans are underway to once again open our camp and trails to visitors with some Covid-19 protocols in place. The Shanty Men and the Kettle Boys will be operating, as well as the main camp. Lots of snow still on the trails so suitable footwear is essential.

A big pileated woodpecker created this hole in one of our maple trees at the road while searching for ants. If you see this illusive bird maybe you can snap a picture!

 A fresh pileated woodpecker hole

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