A Nice Surprise

The temperature slowly rose from -2 degrees at 8:00 am  to +2 degrees at noon and the sap began to run very hard and is still running at 7:00 pm. Normally the temperature needs to reach  4 or 5 degrees for this volume of sap flow. After 40 years we continue to be surprised at the vagaries of sap flow. This is a nice surprise as we didn’t expect any fresh sap until Monday.

So it will be a busy day tomorrow. The temperature is expected to be lower than today but who knows there may be more sap.

It may be cool tomorrow but all our activities will be in full swing and we will have a warm up fire along the trail for visitors.

2 thoughts on “A Nice Surprise

  1. Great to reconnect and spend a bit of time with you all today. And we always very much enjoy your blog, intimate and engaging, a very candid & sincere window on your challenges, joys, accomplishments & surprises there… thank you. Best of luck for a long and rewarding sap run & syrup season.


  2. I stopped in Friday morning to pick up my annual 4 x 1 litre supply. I haven’t had any yet as I was visiting family and friends, but now I’m home in Cambridge and expect to do French toast for breakfast.


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