Maybe Spring is Here

For the first time today the leaf buds are visible on many of the shrubs and trees. With a couple of warm days the leaves should appear and spring will have finally arrived. Last Friday I did some trimming on a maple tree and the sap was still running. Not too surprising  because of the frosty nights.The usual assortment of birds including the bluebirds are nesting around the house and sugar camp. The most enjoyable is a song sparrow that sings its melodious song in the morning as the sun is rising.

We are very pleased that our customers are using our pick up service to obtain their annual supply of syrup.We have made some deliveries in Ottawa and will continue to do so as long as there is sufficient demand.This week we will be open on the weekend Midweek we will set syrup outside the camp if it is preordered, prepaid and pick up time prescheduled. The best way to communicate is by email to have Golden, Amber and Dark maple syrup, maple butter, maple sugar, maple mustard and maple vinegar available.



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