Time to Reflect on the Season

We have been reflecting on the past season and the length of eight weeks is the most significant aspect. Usually the season is four weeks with more intense runs of sap. This year the sap ran in smaller batches but steadily, with only a couple of breaks, for the entire eight weeks. Also the sap ran several days when the temperature hovered around 2 degrees C which is unusual. Normally 4 or 5 degrees is needed to produce a good run of sap.In any case we had an excellent year and we are very grateful.

Lots of people came to visit our operation and we particularly enjoyed talking to several groups from overseas. This was their first experience with a maple syrup operation. We would like to thank all our ¬†customers for their patronage. Some have been coming since we opened in 1973 and have supported us through all our ups and downs. We have a Wall of Honour in the camp with the names of people who have been coming for 10 years or more. We may have missed some people so if your are a regular check the list next time you are at the camp as we would don’t want to overlook anyone.

So now its time to rest a bit then look ahead to next year. There are always repairs and improvements we can make to the operation that keeps us busy year around. We keep syrup on hand all year long so if you run out or need a gift for a special occasion give is a call.

We are open this week and on the weekend and then thereafter by appointment.

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