A Nice Sap Run

The warm weather and bright sunshine stimulated a good sap run on Sunday, Sunday night and today. However, sap flow has now dropped off and we need a good frost to recharge the trees. Tonight  there will be a super full moon meaning the moon is closer to the earth than usual and maybe this will bring a change in the weather. I always seem to be talking about the weather but our production is dependent on the right weather conditions so that syrup makers sort of live from forecast to forecast.

We are still making Golden and Light Amber syrup. We think the next cycle will bring the darker syrups.Quality so far is excellent with good fresh syrup flavour.

We are now open daily from 10 to 5.


One thought on “A Nice Sap Run

  1. Love the updates! They are a sort of encouragement that spring is indeed in the air! Looking so forward to coming to Fortune Farms soon! All the best for a great season!
    You are the best little Maple Sugar Farm in the area! Love visiting every year!


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