Since my last blog we have been busy washing up at the camp and getting started on back-flushing the lines. The rainy cool weather is not the best for working in the woods so things are progressing slowly. Next step after flushing the lines is to pull the spiles and insert a small quantity of isopropyl food grade alcohol in each dropline to act as a sanitizer. Any remaining alcohol in the lines is flushed out next spring with the first run of sap. This sap is discarded. This system, which has now been in use in sugar bushes for about seven years, is fully approved by Health Canada and gives excellent results.

Meanwhile at the camp we have been delivering syrup on a pick up basis for pre-orders. Payment by credit card or e-transfer. We are able to maintain social distancing and the system seems to be working.

We have had to shorten hours due to shortage of help but we plan to be open daily 12 to 1pm for pick up. Please email your order so it can be packed ahead of time. Phone the camp at 613-256-5216 to confirm pick up arrangements.

We have all grades of syrup except Very Dark available. We also have maple butter, maple sugar, and maple vinegar.

No maple candies, maple fudge or tarts.

We much appreciate the very strong support being provided by our customers. This is a frustrating time for syrup producers as it has been a vintage year for maple syrup. Hopefully things will return to a more normal situation this summer and fall.

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