Finally a Beautiful Warm Day

The cool weather over the past few days has slowed our progress in the sugar bush. With several degrees of frost the lines freeze as there is always some water remaining after draining and we have to wait each day until it thaws. We have 4000 taps washed and put to bed until next spring. Which leaves 3000 to go. One person can do about 100 taps an hour so it will take about 30 hours.  With three people working we should finish in a couple of days if the weather cooperates.

It’s really a great time of year to work in the bush. The hepaticas, the first spring flower to appear, are ready to blossom on the first warm day. The buds and blossoms on the leatherwood bushes are ready to burst. Leatherwood is so named because the bark is very pliable and can be woven into very strong flexible ropes. Next to appear will be the spring beauty and the dog toothed violet. The trilliums are just beginning to poke through the leaves. Best of all there are no mosquitoes or black flies.

We are open to day and tomorrow 10 to 3 for syrup pick up. Call the camp at 613 256 5216 to arrange you visit.


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